Reusable Billet Oil Filter


Reusable Billet Oil Filter for Mazda Rotary


RaceCast have partnered with a quality oil filter manufacturer to release this re-usable billet oil filter for the rotary engine. They look amazing, function better than stock and you will never need to buy another oil filter again!

With up to 30% of the cooling of the rotary engine achieved through oil cooling you need the best filter available. These filters will fit all Mazda rotary engines, and are close in size to the series 4/5 turbo oil filters for adequate clearance.

  • Cleanable and reusable element
  • Superior filtration
  • Pre-filter magnet
  • High flow rate
  • Easy filter element inspection at every oil change
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Exceeds manufacturers specifications


Ensure quad ring is fully seated in housing groove and lube with clean oil before installation. Quad ring can be normally be used for several oil changes. Included tool fits over machined flats on bottom cooling fin. Torque filter to either factory specs or 18-20 lb ft, whichever is less