RX8 4 & 6 Port 48mm IDA Manifold


RX8 4/6 Port 48mm IDA Manifold

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RX8 4/6 Port 48mm IDA Manifold

This Manifold is to suit a 48mm IDA Weber, Injection or Custom application on the renesis RX8 13B engine.

Note: There is a 5mm casting blocking off the “6th” port openings. If you wish to use these ports, simply drill and die grind through the block off. Race Cast have yet to test and tune the 6-Port RX8 engine with all ports combined. While the S4/5 6 port engines respond well to combining all 3 porting stages into one, it is yet to be determined how well this works on the Renesis. Feel free to test at your own risk, or follow us on social media for the latest results.

All IDA Manifolds come with a free 48MM IDA gasket set.