13B Alloy Sump (Small)


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RaceCast Alloy Sump – 13B

  • Requires slightly modified standard RX7 S1-2-3 oil pickup (minor bend or tap forewords in some cases to clear the sump bowl).
  • May require dipstick shortening due to the 5mm thick alloy wall.
  • 10mm flange for extra block stiffness
  • Machined surface for better sealing than stock style steel sumps
  • Cooling fins for added oil cooling
  • 10mm thick section on spark plug side of pan for extra sensors to be tapped in
  • 4x bosses for the mounting of a custom baffle plate if desired
  • Small pan to allow engine to sit further back in many vehicles if required
  • Low profile allowing engine to sit low in the engine bay
  • Fits RX4/5 style¬†13B¬†engine in RX3, RX4, RX5 and all S1-3 RX7s