V12 LS Frequently Asked Questions

Q?  How much horsepower does the V12LS make?
A.   Naturally aspirated our engines make 800HP with a mild 228/238 street cam and 1000HP with a larger Street/Strip cam and upgraded valvetrain.

Q?  How much does the V12 LS weight?
A.   More than a small block chevy, and less than a big block chevy. Long blocks weights can be found on our technical information page.

Q?  Is the V12LS block cast-iron or alloy?
A.   Our new one piece casting is available in cast-iron with a 4.125″ (LS7) bore or aluminium with a 4.065″ (LS3) bore. For most applications we recommend the iron block.

Q?  What is the firing order of the V12LS?
A.   We use the same firing order as Ferrari and most other V12s, which is just like two inline 6s with one bank reversed.

Q?  How can I order a turn key LS12 engine?
A.   Contact us at sales@v12ls.com to place a deposit and you will have a V12 engine shipped to your location within three months.

Q?  What is the bank angle of the V12LS?
A.   The block angle of the V12 is 90-degrees and is odd-fire.

Q?  Is an odd-fire engine balanced?
A.   Yes, a V12 has neutral primary and secondary balance at any bank angle.

Q?  Will the V12 fit my project car?
A.   The V12 LS is only 8.8 inches longer than a LS V8, making it around the length many straight 6s. Therefore the V12LS engine is well suited for conversion into many cars that came with a V8 or I6 option.

Q?  Will I need a larger radiator?
A.   It depends what you have now, but we recommend sizing the radiator as if you were fitting a 700+ hp Big Block Chev.

Q?  Is this engine two blocks welded together?
A.   No, only our prototype engine was made from two LS1 blocks. We are now casting our own one piece blocks and heads.

Q?  What is the warranty on a long block or turn key engine?
A.   12 months provided the engine is not used in competition or fitted with boost or nitrous.

Q?  Can I get a custom grind camshaft?
A.   Yes, we can grind our camshaft to your specifications or ours.

Q?  What displacements are available?
A.   The alloy V12 LS engines are available in 564 ci / 9.2L, and the iron block engines are 580 ci / 9.5L.