Cast Iron Blocks

Our cast iron blocks are here, and check out the features!

  • Fully CAD designed
  • Rigid heavy wall block design
  • Cross webbing between banks
  • Extra stiff structure linking head bolts through to main caps
  • Bay to bay ventilation reduced from GM design for increased structural integrity
  • Siamese bores for reduced wall flex
  • LSX  6-bolt head design
  • Main bearing feed from both oil galleries
  • Sump bolts located either side of main cap for added rigidity
  • Extra side mounting lugs so engine can be easily located using standard LS mounts
  • 4.125″ bore size – 581ci with 3.622″ stroke

Compatible with most LSX components, including;

  •  Pistons
  •  Rings
  •  Rods
  •  Lifters
  •  Push rods
  •  Camshaft and big end bearings,
  •  Oil pump
  •  Timing chest
  •  Rear cover
  •  Trigger wheels and sensors
  •  Knock sensors
  •  Water pump
  •  Accessory drive
  •  Engine mounts


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